Tools for 4D construction process planning and control by Bentley. Key advantages of Synchro product line include focus on construction companies, and strong scheduling functionality. Software also supports server-based collaboration, and schedule viewing on-site using Apple and MS HoloLens tablets

" Olympic champions win, because they train. Virtual construction is training required to win "

Tom Dengenis
CEO Synchro

Synchro PRO

Virtual construction is more than just project simulation. SYNCHRO PRO provides project teams with environment for creating, analyzing, editing, reporting and managing projects from the unified visual interface.

Synchro PRO is the key tool of a virtual builder. Here a 4D model is created using data from CAD application, and schedule is devised. All planning, scheduling, and actualization can be done in a single window.


Synchro Workgroup Project

Use of precise, reliable and timely data improves overall productivity of a construction team

SWP (SYNCHRO Workgroup Project) is a server providing access to SYNCHRO project data in group-based environment. Allows simultaneous work of several users in a single file using either PRO, or OpenViewer, Scheduler, SITE (using LINK API), HoloLens (using LINK API), and other third party applications.


Synchro SITE

Follow 4D model development using your iPad or MS HoloLens.

Use SITE to view tasks and resources from site or office. Press “Task” and select assigned resources in a models, then update task status to “Planned”, “Start” or “Complete”.

PRO and SITE are used together to break work among the resources assigned to the task. Customize resource status for any component type (for example, for windows or doors). Set resource status for work in progress, or terminated work (i.e. forming, filled, striped, fixed, inspection – failure).


Larix CPM is a cloud-based solution for procurement management and business process optimization, featuring analysis of bids, document management, and tracking of payments. We assist construction companies with optimization of all steps in their bidding procedures, by limiting the amount of documents, and creating safe and transparent workflow.

Larix is ready for integration into your BIM process, and is easily connected with Autodesk Revit, Oracle Primavera, Synchro Pro, and Autodesk Vault software


Larix allows:
  • Keeping unit labor and unit rates for construction activities
  • Keeping resource-technological model of unit rates
  • Forming item costs based on unit rates
  • Linking norms and rates with construction elements dictionary and formulas for calculating quantities.
  • Integration with Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project scheduling systems, and Larix.EST cost estimating system
  • Automated schedule generation and export to scheduling software using preset rules and by-element estimation


Larix.EST software is used for construction cost estimation using 3D BIM considering requirements of Russian law

Larix.EST has features for forming BOQs and estimates based on 3D models

Larix.EST provides transfer of modules from Autodesk Revit into estimating software, allows visualization of construction elements, selected in BOQ, and track related changes

Larix.EST has tools for generation of various reports that allow fast analysis of project decisions made. For financial specialists there are reports reflecting matching norms with cost accounts

Correct management of bidding and procurement processes

Saving time and money, lowering potential risks and removing procurement errors


Revit software based on BIM technology contains features for design of architectural elements, systems, and construction assemblies, and for planning construction. Revit supports interdisciplinary design process within the common design environment


ARCHICAD 22 includes improved design tools compliant with work process improvements. New features improve work productivity and convenience of designing architectural projects and data exchange