Supporting our clients, we taking care of some of their troubles. Sometimes, the client is unable to implement BIM functionality in all processes simultaneously, so for the period of building competences some of the BIM functions are outsourced to us. We can accept responsibility for implementing modeling, laser scanning, cost estimation, and BIM support

Alexey Zotov

Managing partner


Digital model of reality

Creating BIM from 2D design drawings of our customers. Improving design level of detail. Modeling construction technologies and schedule. Creating models with LOD for “Design”, “Detailed design”, “As-built” and “Maintenance”. 

  • Lases scanning of existing objects
  • Revealing and clarification of design options in 2D documents
  • Independent project audit and additional surveys


Construction costs estimating

Use of BIM models Construction cost estimation for the objects with complete design using BIM. Guaranteed estimate accuracy is ±3% for the quantities determined by design. Financial BIM of actual construction costs ready to re-estimate any changes to the project. Forming resource-based estimates according to the Town-Planning Code of Russia.

  • 90% of costs in 7 days
  • Final model bias (in monetary units) not exceeding +-3%
  • Providing normatives and WBS


BIM Project collaboration

Developing BIM standard. Development of project EIR and BEP. Representation at the meetings. Review of BIM models, and providing audit reports. Extraction of construction element quantities from models. Model check for collisions. Organization of common data environment (CDE). Establishing claims management using ISSUE/RFI

  • Managing BIM right after signing the contract
  • Experience of taking part in conflict resolution meetings
  • Company responsibility VS Employee responsibility
  • Ready templates for interaction


Development of WBS Dictionaries

Optimization of corporate activity dictionaries. Development of the quantity takeoff rules for construction elements. Development of automated rules for matching work quantities with designed elements.

  • Assistance from construction professionals
  • Interviewing using Business Intelligence rules
  • Forming the machine-readable rules


Support of the Contracts Management System

Consulting on using the Larix CPM system. Customizing interactions with subcontractors (approval paths, templates for the contracted volumes of work). Consulting subcontractors on working with a system

  • Direct interaction with developers
  • Service available 24/7


Digital construction with 4D planning

Actuals collection and input into a 4D BIM. Transferring construction schedules into BIM. Modeling expense S-curves

  • Transferring work method statement into BIM
  • Determining overlaps when changing construction schedules
  • Visual control of delays